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LAKS-WATCH – for contactless payment
Provides one-touch contactless payment, powered by Mastercard®.

Watch case: Stainless steel, measurements: diameter 40 mm; height: 8-9 mm
Bracelet: Finest Italian Vintageleather, hand crafted in Germany exclusively for LAKS.

For ABN AMRO customers

Each LAKS Wearable can be registered with an ABM AMRO personal account


Stainless steel watch with genuine leather strap – provides one-touch contactless payment, powered by Mastercard®.

No charging and no smartphone pairing required.

ABN AMRO customers:

If you have a personal account with ABN AMRO you can link each LAKS Wearable directly to your bank card. You can make contactless payments up to € 25 without a PIN (above € 25 with PIN) In the Netherlands.

After purchase on, you will need to register the wearable to your ABN AMRO account:

  • Log into your Internet Banking or Mobile App and locate your ABN AMRO personal card number. It is a 19-digit number starting with 6743 000x xxxx xxxx xxx.
  • Enter this number when completing the registration process on website. This is done in a secure environment and LAKS cannot see your personal card.
  • Your LAKS Wearable will not be shipped until you have completed the registration process on website.

Please note:

LAKS Wearables can only be linked to personal accounts, not to business accounts or under-18 accounts. You can check if your ABN AMRO account is eligible by logging into your mobile app or visiting Please contact ABN AMRO if your card number is not present.

For more information, please visit the ABN AMRO wearables website

How to pay with Strap2Pay

– hold the watch to the payment terminal as shown on the picture
– keep your hand steady (do not move!) for a few seconds until you see the 4 green light on the terminal and hear a beep


watch case: stainless steel, with domed watch glass; measurements: diameter 40mm, height 8-9 mm

watchband: finest Italian Vintageleather, hand made in Germany; measurements: 114 mm and 82 mm; width: 20 mm; color: camouflage in grey

clasp: stainless steel

waterresistant 3 ATM, dustproof. We recommend not to go swimming or diving. Your watch strap and the payment chip might get damaged.

Care Guide

Do not drop!

The watch glass can be damaged if dropped onto a hard surface. Also if sufficient force is applied to it. That may result in surface cracks. Please treat your watch like a piece of jewellery.

Do not wear it together with other bracelets!

Stainless steel is hard and scratch resistant however if you wear it next to another bracelet it can cause scratches which are hard to remove. Do not bring it into contact with precious stones or diamond – they will scratch it!

Steer clear of solvents!

Do not use industrial abrasives they can scratch your watch. The watch and the leather strap can be safely cleaned with water-based household soaps and detergents.

Avoid electromagnetic fields!

Some household electrical goods can generate EM fields strong enough to affect your payment chip. Avoid leaving your watch near electrical equipment or it may stop working.



We will replace a device if requested within 14 days of purchase, once the device has been returned to us.

After 14 days of purchase we can only offer replacements or refunds for faulty products within warranty (see below); we cannot offer replacements or refunds for incorrectly purchased sizes or colours, nor for mistreated devices.

Before returning an item to us, please follow the instructions provided:


Your device is warranted by LAKS GmbH for twelve months from date of purchase, covering electronic component, materials and manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase is required to validate your warranty. If your LAKS Wearable was a gift please provide the order number. During the warranty period, a device will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible after examination if it proves to be defective under normal everyday use. In the case of replacement, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an identical device; if your device is unavailable, a device of equal value and/or similar style will be provided. Any replacement device will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty.

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