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Straps2Pay “Merino” 22mm


For ABN AMRO customers
connect to your existing bank account

Genuine leather  (lambskin) watch band with payment function

battery-free payment function

no mobile – no charging


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Straps2Pay “Merino”

Watch band with NFC function for contactless payment

Material: Genuine leather (lambskin) with stainless steel buckle

Color: black

Measurement: Width 22 mm; Length: 114 mm and 82 mm

    • Watch band – provides one-touch contactless payment, powered by Mastercard®.
    • No charging and no smartphone pairing required.

We recommend to remove your watch before swimming or taking a bath and clean with warm water if necessary

ABN AMRO customers:

If you have a personal account with ABN AMRO you can link Straps2Pay directly to your bank card. You can make contactless payments up to € 25 without a PIN (above € 25 with PIN) in the Netherlands.

After purchase on LAKS.com, you will need to register Key2pay to your ABN AMRO account:

  • Log into your Internet Banking or Mobile App and locate personal card number. It is a 19-digit number starting with 6743 000x xxxx xxxx xxx.
  • Enter this number when completing the registration process on LAKS.com website. This is done in a secure environment and LAKS cannot see your personal card.
  • Ihr LAKS Wearable will not be shipped until you have completed the registration process on LAKS.com website.

Please note:

LAKS Wearables can only be linked to personal accounts, not to business accounts or under-18 accounts. You can check if your ABN AMRO account is eligible by logging into your mobile app or visiting abnamro.nl/wearable. Please contact ABN AMRO if your card number is not present.

For more information, please visit the ABN AMRO wearables website